Condensate Pumps

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Hot Water Pumps

A range of centrifugal condensate pumps designed for use within both hot water and steam applications.  All models operate using a high temperature float assembly for both the pump operation and high level alarm mechanism.

The A3 and A5 models have a 3.5 litre glass filled polypropylene tank suitable for condensate temperatures up to 100 degrees centigrade and have a flow rate of 1200 l/hr (A3) and 1800 l/hr (A5) and pumping heads of 7m (A3) and 12m (A5).  Both the A3 and A5 models come complete with a quick release brass check valve.

The A2SA is a cast aluminium construction suitable for hot water applications where the temperatures of the condensate can be up to 100 degrees centigrade.  The A2SA has a pumping head of up to 4 metres (cut off height 4.8m) and flow rates up to 480 l/hr.

The SC1A is a cast aluminium centrifugal condensate pump sealed to make it suitable for steam applications.  The SC1A has a flow rate of 7300 l/hr and pumping head of 12 metres.