Condensate Pumps

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Electronic Float Sensor Pumps

A range of condensate pumps have been designed for use with all types of air conditioning  equipment where the need of a cost effective trouble free mechanical removal of condensate water is required.  These two models provide the most comprehensive range of condensate removal pumps currently available on the market.  These pumps offer self-priming heads up to 4 metres (12 feet), pumping heads up to 9metres (27 feet) and flow rates up to 43 litres/hr (27 US gallons).  The high performance of these two pumps makes them ideal for use on all types of Air Conditioning up to a cooling capacity of 60KW, 180,000 BTU’s or 17 Tons.

Both models come with the SP10 remote sensor as standard, however if an in-pan or electronic sensor is required we offer a choice of 3 models on in-pan sensor all suitable for both models.

Other standard features include, high level alarm contacts rated at 2A 230v AC to control the AC unit if the pump is unable to remove the condensate and Intelligent Overload Protection that prevents damage to the pump motor if the suction/discharge pipes are restricted or the pump has been mis-applied.